2018 Holiday Invitational


Our Xcel team plus Lauren from Level 5 had an awesome session at the Holiday Invitational.  Lauren had a stunning beam routine (9.35) landing her in 2nd place. She also took 3rd on bars (8.8 ) & 5th AA. Mia was on fire hitting a 9.45 on bars (2nd), 9.4 on FX (3rd), 9.175 on vault (2nd) & 36.625 AA (2nd). Jolie killed it with a 9.225 on beam (2nd), 8.9 on vault (2nd) & 9.15 FX (4th). Joey stood at the top of the podium with a 1st place on bars (9.175), 3rd on beam (8.95) & 2nd AA. 

Our Level 7s performances shined like all the medals around their necks. Another great session at the Holiday Invitational. As small as she is Savanah stood tall at the top of the podium with a 1st place AA win (36.35). She also took 1st on vault (9.4), 3rd bars (8.8 ) & 4th beam (9.0). Renee placed across all events vault 2nd (9.15), bars 5th (8.95), FX 3rd (9.2), AA 3rd & a nice win on beam. Leah took 5th on FX (9.15) & a well deserved win on vault (8.85).

Our Level 6s showed a tremendous amount of team spirit at the Holiday Invitational. They cheered each other all the way to victory  esp. teammate Marge who put up some nice scores bars (8.65) & FX (8.7). Kennedi nailed it placing across all events 3rd on vault (8.9), 2nd beam (9.1), 5th FX (9.0), 2nd AA (35.45) & a nice win on bars. Ameena took 2 well deserved 1st place wins on vault (8.85) & bars (9.15) with a 3rd place win on FX (9.25). She boosted a 35.85 AA landing her in 4th.

Our 4s got a lot of exercise going up & down from the top of the podium at the Holiday Invitational placing across multiple events. Some highlights: Nia took 1st on vault (8.95) & beam (9.075). Anna stood tall in 1st on beam (9.1), 2nd on FX (8.8 ). Layla was all smiles in 2nd on beam (9.0) & FX (8.75). Frances proudly stood in 1st on FX (8.75), 2nd on bars (8.65). Riley shined in 3rd place on vault (8.65) & FX (8.9). Jade swept the board to include 1st for FX (8.875) & 2nd on beam (8.55). Kelsea snagged 3rd on beam (8.75) & 4th on vault (8.55). 5 out 7 girls also placed in the AA to include a 1st place win for Jade.

Our 3s finished us out strong at the Holiday Invitational. Lainey swept the board placing across all 4 events to include a 1st place win on beam(9.125), 2nd on bars (9.15) & AA (35.85). Jordin was  all smiles up there in 5th place for bars (8.85) & 7th on floor (8.9). Onna proudly stood in 3rd for beam (8.875) & floor (9.05) among other win.

Way to represent the Kippettes!

2018 WCU Fall Fling


It was our season opener at WCU Fall Fling and our level 2/3s first USAG meet ever! The girls came in strong and ready to leave their mark. All gymnasts placed across multiple events to include the all-around category and a 2nd place team trophy for level 2 & a 3rd place team trophy for level 3. Some other highlights level 3 team member, Ainsley hitting a 9.0 (1st) on bars & 9.125 (1st) on floor. Level 2 gymnasts, Amazia & Esa getting 9.375 (2nd) on beam with Jaya right behind them with a 9.35 taking 1st in her age group.

Round 2 at WCU Fall Fling the level 4s came in hungry & left full. All team members placed across multiple events and together they took home a 2nd place team trophy. Extra shout out to Jade who snagged a 35.2 all-around score. Riley who took 1st on beam with a 9.425 with Kelsea close behind in 2nd with a 9.25. Anna also landed in 2nd on beam with a 9.25 & took 1st on floor with a 9.2. Frances nailed bars with a 9.0 (4th).

Round 3 at WCU Fall Fling with our level 5s. Lauren & Lorelei did great at their first meet of the season with both girls qualifying for states. Lorelei brought home a 4th place win on beam and Lauren snagged wins on bars, vault & beam with a well deserved a 9.025.

It’s was a long day at WCU for the coaches but for our final session of the day the level 6/7s finished us out strong. The girls crushed it on bars & floor with our level 6 team taking a 1st place team trophy. The highlights: Savs hitting a 9.55 (1st) & Ameena a 9.45 (2nd) on bars. On floor Kennedi killed it with a 9.35 taking 2nd close behind Savs at 3rd with a 9.3 & Ameena 4th with a 9.25. Teammate Marge brought the fire scoring great for her first level 6 meet. Level 7 gymnast, Renee took a first place win on bars with a 9.1 with teammate Leah winning 4th. Leah also snagged 4th on floor with a 9.1. Renee went home with a 2nd place win on vault & in the all-around.

Our last session at the 2018 WCU Fall Fling is one for the books. Our Xcel Gold team killed it bringing home a 2nd place team trophy. Never underestimate the power, determination & pride of these 4 ladies. All 4 girls placed across all events. Highlights: Mia put up the highest all-around score of the entire session with a 36.325 landing her in 1st place. She also won 1st on bars with a 9.35. Angelina hit a 9.0 on beam for 4th place & 5th on floor with 9.125. Joey snagged 2nd on bars with a 9.025. Jolie stood proud in 1st place for beam with a 9.15.


Level 8 States

 “What defines us is how well we rise after falling.” ~ unknown
After suffering a foot injury while warming up her tsuk vault at states. Level 8 gymnast, Nicole displayed enormous amounts of strength, courage, passion n the will to not go down without a fight. She pushed through tears of pain streaming down her face while competing & fully executing 2 vaults & a bar routine. Although, the injury eventually caused her to have to scratch beam & head to the ER. Today, Nicole defined herself with the heart of a true champion. We couldn’t be more proud of her journey this season. 


Level 7 States

This girl did us proud last night at Level 7 states. Renee boosted a personal record high vault score of 9.125 & all-around score of 35.15. What a way to finish out the season! 


Level 6 States

Leah was all heart as she competed at level 6 states today. Although, she did not bring home a medal she gave it her all. We are so proud of her representation & performances at states. As well as the incredible season she had that got her here. 


Level 4 States

It was a great day at level 4 states. Lauren & Lorelei boosted their highest beam scores to date, Lorelei 9.575 which landed her in 2nd & Lauren 9.4 putting her in 4th. Lauren also placed across all events to include a 2nd place All-Around win. That's right we have a 2nd place State Champion on our hands. Congratulations to these two well-deserved state champions 


Level 3 States

 Kudos to the level 3 team, gymnasts & coaches on a fabulous season. They finished strong at states with all gymnasts coming home as state champions.  A huge Congratulations to Francis Mitchler (3rd), Anna Arnoldi (4th) & Mia Patete (1st) who finished their season at level 3 states as All-Around champions. What an accomplishment  


Miss Amy Live Life Invitational

Congratulations to gymnasts Savanah, Kennedi, Margaret & Ameena who started out the season as level 4s while being fast tracked for level 5. Today, at their first ever level 5 meet they all scored out & won 3rd place team. A huge accomplishment with only a few short weeks to prepare. We couldn’t be more proud. 

2018 Pink Invitational

The Kendrick Kippettes proudly represented at the Pink Invitational as Whimsical Witches. We had gymnasts place multiple times across all events. Just look for the pink witches hats or our purple team jackets. Some highlights: Level 8 gymnast, Nicole scored a record high score on vault with her first piked tsuk with a 9.25 landing her in 4th place. Level 3 gymnasts, Mia & Francis placing across all 4 events & in the all-around. Gymnasts, Leah & Juliana had the extraordinary opportunity to meet Olympian, Laurie Hernandez. 

2018 Dutch Classic

Congrats to Level 6 gymnast, Leah and Level 7 gymnast, Renee who shared in some epic moments together at the Dutch Classic. Leah placed on bars for the first time in her career receiving 5th. She also took 4th beam & all-around. Renee the comeback kid after sustaining an injury earlier in the season placed 2nd on bars executing a straight leg giants for the first time. She also took 5th on floor & 4th all-around. Level 8 gymnasts, Juliana & Nicole had their best meet of the season. Nicole improved her scores both on floor & bars with newly implemented  choreography & skills receiving 2nd on bars and 3rd floor. She was on top with a 1st place win on vault & 3rd all-around. Juliana executed a brand new vault (Yurchenko timer) receiving 5th place. She also improved her floor & beam score landing her in 3rd for floor & 4th on beam. Congrats to Gold gymnast, Joey on her 2nd place win on bars. 

Our Level 4 Dream Team can't stop and won't stop crushing the game. We came home with a 2nd place team trophy. Who are we....Dream Team?!?!?!? Huge shout out to Savanah who took 1st place across all 4 events & the all-around. Kennedi with a record high score of the season on floor with a 9.55. Our level 3 team killed it today bringing home a 2nd place team trophy to match our 4s. Special shout out to Francis and Mia for placing 1st in the all-around.

2018 Katie Baldwin Invitational


We had incredible team weekend at the KAtie Baldwin Invitational. Another 1st place Team trophy in the books for our Level 4 dream team. with multiple individual wins across all 4 events to include several 1st place finishers; Savanah Barnes took 1st on vault with 9.3 & beam with a 9.175, Jolie Schreiber on vault with 9.3 & Ameena on bars with 9.25. What an amazing & unforgettable achievement for level 4 gymnast, Kennedi who not only placed 1st on Vault, Bars, Floor & All-Around which earned her a sash & plaque. She also received special recognition, The Katie Baldwin Memorial Reward for showing the most personality during her floor ex. Level 8 gymnast, Nicole landed herself on top with a 1st place win for vault. Teammate, Jules stole 7th place on vault & Floor. The comeback kid, Level 7 gymnast, Renee rocked her first meet of season after a 3 month hiatus due to an injury. She proudly scored for states. Xcel Gold gymnast, Joey Shoemaker received a record high score on beam with a 9.25 which landed her in 3rd place. She also placed 3rd on bars. Our level 3 Team took 5th place Team at The Katie Baldwin Invitational with multiple individual wins across all events to include a 1st place win on bars for teammates Mia Patete & Francis Mitchler. Our Queen of Beam did it again! Level 6 gymnast, Leah Pedraza proudly took 4th place for Beam.

2017 Liberty Cup


We couldn’t be more proud of our Level 4 team or as I call them “the dream team”. These young ladies are rockstars. They won 4th place team plus various individual wins across all events to include several 1st place finishers. Level 6 gymnast, Leah competed solo & strong at the Liberty Cup. She received a record high score on vault with a 9.025 that landed her in 5th place, 6th on floor with 9.05 & an all-around score of 34.125 that not only landed her in 7th place but also qualified her for states. Xcel Gold gymnast, Lorelei finished strong at the competition on her last rotation by receiving a record high score on floor with a 9.45 landing her in 2nd place. Lorelei also took home 5th place on beam & 6th on bars. Our level 8 team gave it all they got. The result, Nicole took home 2nd vault, 5th bars & 4th all-around. Jules rocked it on floor falling just short of placing but not before snagging 3rd on vault. The level 3 team put forth their best efforts at the meet. Some highlights Anna receiving a 9.3 on bars landing her in 5th place. Kelsea & Layla placing across all events plus in the all-around to include a 1st place vault for Kelsea. Francis placed 5th on vault & floor. Mia stepped up to the podium for bars, floor & all-around. Nia snagged 5th on vault with a 9.35. Congratulations to all our gymnasts on a fabulous meet weekend.

2017 WCU Fall Fing

 What a great way to start the season!!! The Kippettes proved they are ready to crush the game this year by being strong, fearless and confident. Levels 3 & 4 seized the day by both levels coming out on top as 1st place team with multiple individual wins across each event and every gymnast placing in the all-around. Xcel Gold gymnasts, Lorelei & Joey were all smiles as they stepped up to the podium several times to include a 1st place all-around snagged by Lorelei. Level 6 gymnast, Leah placed 2nd on Beam & floor & 4th place all-around. Level 8 gymnasts, Nicole & Juliana placed across several events to include Nicole placing 2nd all-around.